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William Wycliff Brut, California
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<p>Softness and smoothness enhance the typical features of the whole range of red berry fruits, such as cherry and currant. Futures: Futures are how the top Bordeaux chateaux sell their wine. Chateaux offer their wines for sale in June following the vintage, close to 18 months before bottling and about two years prior to delivery. In the best vintages, consumers who purchase futures, often pay less for the wines than when they are in bottle. Futures should only be bought in the very best vintages.</p>
<p>The Valpolicella production area ballooned in the late 1960s when it was granted DOC status, resulting in a dramatic see-saw of quality and quantity which lasted for approximately 40 years. The prices fetched by Valpolicella wines reached their nadir in the 1970s and 1980s, when the low price paid per kilo of grapes led more quality-focused producers, particularly in the finer Valpolicella Classico and Valpantena zones, to abandon their vines altogether. This increased the percentage of Valpolicella which came from the poorer sites, and the downward spiral continued, only to be halted by a sudden spike of interest in Amarone della Valpolicella during the 1990s.<img class='alignleft' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="252" /></p>
<p>We've just moved to Malta, and since I also like making rice-based dishes, I was delighted to see that Arborio and Carnaroli rice are readily non alcoholic mulled wine available (unlike in smaller towns in Germany, where we'd been living). What do you use Baldo rice for? It's my first time hearing of it.</p>

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