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Everyone has a bucket list - an absolute must-do experience before their time is up.For me - surprise surprise - its attending sporting venues to see the best of the best strut their stuff.America is littered with phenomenal sporting venues and each has a place in history for different reasons.The first - Madison Square Garden in downtown New York City.Myself and Hannah booked in to see the National Hockey Leagues New York Rangers against the famed Detroit Red Wings. My Adelaide teammates, Taylor Walker and Brad Crouch - both traveling the USA - joined us for the clash, which made the experience even greater!I had been to MSG two years ago for a pre-season NBA game and even though the venue biggest tenant was in action, the fact it was a pre-season game meant the crowd was only half full and half-baked when it came to cheering and supporting.In New York, basketball is king, while the NFLs Giants and Jets have a strong following in the Boroughs. However, the Rangers hold a special place in the citys heart and on this night, more than 18,000 flocked to support the team in a battle of two of the NHLs original six teams.Everything from the national anthem and pre-game introductions to the crowd interaction throughout the game lived up to MSGs reputation as The Worlds Most Famous Arena.Despite the Rangers going down 2-1, we all had a blast and when Mike Zibanejad scored in the second minute of the game, the Garden erupted and the chanting lasted until after the play had recommenced.Part of the attraction and enjoyment of attending an MSG event is before and after the game itself. Thousands eat and drink before the contest in the various pubs, bars and restaurants surrounding MSG which - unlike many major sporting venues - sits in the heart of Manhattan, easily accessible for the 8.4 million people who call New York home and the four South Australians enjoying a sporting holiday.Despite Hannahs cries to stay an extra few days in what is now her favourite city in the world, the following morning we jumped on a plane and headed for Green Bay - a world away from the hustle and bustle of NYC.As we descended into Green Bay on a tiny American Eagle jet, the only thing that captured our attention through the widows was mighty Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers.The township of Green Bay has a population of a mere 100,000, which makes it truly remarkable that its people can not only support, but allow an NFL team to flourish in its area. Green Bay is the Packers and the Packers are Green Bay.The Packers were born in 1919 and have resided in Green Bay ever since. They are 13-time champions and a whos who of Hall of Fame players and coaches have ome through the organisation.Unlike the other 31 teams in the NFL, the Packers are not a privately-owned team. The team actually has more than 350,000 stockholders which is governed by an elected board of directors. While this system is, as mentioned, different to every other side in the league, the Green Bay community has always rallied around the team and when you hear someone say this is the towns team - they truly mean it.The Packers are the only not-for-profit, community-owned team in all of the United States professional sporting codes.And that very statement is what makes the Packers -??and attending one of their games - so incredibly amazing.Lambeau Field is as historic and honorary as you will ever find in world sport. It is the oldest operating NFL venue and only baseballs Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox have longer tenancy at their respective venues.Lambeau is almost 60 years old and has had very little construction done in the years since. The stadium does though, manage a magical balance of tradition versus spectator comfort.The stadium is named after Curly Lambeau, a founder and head coach of the team who died of cancer just months before the stadium was opened.Onto the game... we picked a good one. Not in competitiveness (the Packers wound up winning 26-10) but famed foe Chicago was in town, ruthless and hated rivals of the Pack.A flight from Chicago to Green Bay is only 40 minutes and the drive is both beautiful and comfortable, meaning there were more than a few Bears fans in attendance. Packers fans are known as the Cheeseheads and many fans wear a Cheesehead as a hat (look them up online, theyre very funny and very different) which only makes sense when we saw dozens of Bears fans wearing mock cheese graters as hats.Joining another teammate, Tom Lynch, and friend Nathan Evison for the Packers vs. Bears clash, we were fortunate enough to sneak onto the sidelines pre-game, making for an unforgettable experience.There are a few more venues on my list of must-attends (Soldier Field, Bryant-Denny Stadium, The Big House, Death Valley etc etc etc) but for a days work, Madison Square Garden into Lambeau Field is a pretty good start!Next up, Steelers vs. Patriots at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.Follow me on Instagram (@joshjenkins04) and Twitter (@joshjenkins24 and #JJintheUSA) for photos, videos and chats as we embark on a few more of Americas premier sporting events. Deon Cain Jersey . PAUL, Minn. Colts Jerseys Hoodies .com) - The red-hot Los Angeles Kings will try to extend their winning streak to a season-high seven games when they visit the Edmonton Oilers for Sundays clash at Rexall Place. http://www.cheapindianapoliscoltsjerseys.com/ . Tevez, who has had conflicts with coaches in the past, has not been called up since Sabella was named coach in 2011. Argentina boasts Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Aguero, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Angel Di Maria. Colts Jerseys Store . Ibaka equaled a career high with 20 rebounds, adding four blocked shots and 15 points as the Thunder smothered the Milwaukee Bucks offence in a 92-79 victory Saturday night. Colts Jerseys Online . President of baseball operations Larry Beinfest was fired Friday after 12 years with the Marlins. The move came as the team neared the end of its third consecutive last-place season in the NL East. Theres no formula. Because its never been done before. -- Draymond Green on what the Warriors are trying to doMaybe the notion of adding the previous Most Valuable Player to the current MVP on a team that won 73 games is new, but that doesnt mean there isnt a template for superstar success, lessons to be learned from what has transpired in the past. Its all right there in Boston, where the Warriors play tonight (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET), where nine years ago the Celtics set the standard for quickly assembled star-filled teams by winning the championship in Year 1.And the secret to their winning? Losing.Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce each averaged more than 20 points per game the season before they joined forces in Boston. All of them missed the playoffs that year, though.We were tired of losing, Pierce recalled. Wed all put up big numbers the year before ... but we didnt make the playoffs.Thats why Garnett and Pierce were willing to see their scoring averages dip by about five points each, while Allens plummeted nine points. They had tasted individual success -- most notably Garnetts 2004 Most Valuable Player award -- but none of them had savored so much as a trip to the NBA Finals. So they adapted, learned how to get more from less, sacrificed for the sake of the team.We learned how to feed off each other, whoever had it going, Pierce said. We just kind of took turns. It wasnt like we said going into the game, OK this is your night. It was like once the game started, you saw it, you got a feel for it.Pierce was the leading scorer in the game 22 times that season, Garnett 15 times and Allen 10 times. While the Celtics rotated, the 2016-17 Warriors have been alternating, taking turns between Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Each has been the game-high scorer four times this season. No other Warrior has had the honor.Durants arrival has meant more open looks for all four of their main offensive players. Only he and Curry are benefiting. Currys field goal percentage of .508 and 3-point percentage of .564 are both on track to be career highs. Durant, averaging one less shot per game than he took last season, is making a career-high 55.8 percent of his shots, bolstered by 61.8 percent of his two-point shots, a ridiculously high number for a perimeter player.In theory it should be Klay Thompson getting the boost. According to player tracking data on NBA.com, he gets 4.2 shots per game without a defender within six feet, the sixth-most wide-open shots in the league.But as Warriors coach Steve Kerr has pointed out, open looks arent the same as shots in rhythm. Sliding down a spot from second to third option can mean the shots come later in the 24-second clock and might be rushed. Or theyre taken under the duress that comes from uncertainty of when the next chance will arise. That could be why Thompsons field goal percentage is down to .441, (from .470 last season) and his 3-point percenntage is below .dddddddddddd400 for the first time in his career, at .313.Greens shooting numbers are down as well, even though 28 percent of his attempts are classified as wide open. But his defensive averages of 1.7 blocked shots and 2.3 steals per game are both career highs.I care nothing about offense, Green said.His defense has won games for the Warriors. At times its as if he is the only one putting in the work at that end of the court. The Warriors defensive drop-off over the past two-plus seasons has outpaced their offensive surge. While their points scored have gone from 110 points per game in 2014-15 to 115 last season and 117 this season, their points allowed have gone from 99 to 104 to 109.They lost their defensive anchor in Andrew Bogut, a salary cap casualty to create the space to sign Durant, and they have lost the collective buy-in on the defensive end. The scoring firepower of Curry and Durant is carrying the Warriors to victories, but they are not defending at a championship level. It might take more losing, even deep into the playoffs, to bring it out.After all, it was the loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals that led to Dwyane Wade formally ceding the Miami Heat to LeBron James, a key step in their winning the next two championships.That was looking in my mirror and saying, At the end of the day, what do you want out of this? Wade said. I knew that Bron coming to Miami, that he was at times looking for me, trying to make sure I get the ball, trying to make sure I wasnt left out at times. The offense went to him, but he didnt want to step on my toes.Also Im a killer as well. I want it. So I decided to come in after looking at it over the summer [and say], Just go be great. Youre the greatest player in the game right now. And just go do that. And we will follow. And dont worry about us. At the end of the day, you be great. Were going to get what we want out of this. Sometimes youve got to do that. Sometimes it takes losing to get to that point. And we got there.Both Durant and the Warriors team he joined endured the sting of blowing 3-1 leads in the playoffs last year. But they havent gone through that pain together. Will the ups and downs of the regular season be enough to forge the bond and bring out the sacrifice, or will it take more suffering?Curry, for one, insists the quest for individual accolades is over and he only cares about championships.Thats all that really matters, Curry said. And having experienced success at that and obviously defeat at that, it makes it ... the only mission that Im on. Other stuff will come out of that.Personal glory comes from the team winning. And sometimes the teams winning comes from losing. If the Warriors need a reminder, they can look up to the Celtics 2008 championship banner. Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Black Jerseys Wholesale NFL Gear Cheap Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys 2018 Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys White NFL Jerseys Cheap ' ' '

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